Gifts for you and your friends

Packed neatly, especially for each treat, in a box created by the designer

Christmas cake

28,00  (Inc. VAT)
with candied fruit soaked in Riga Black Balsam / blackcurrants

Christmas chocolate ball

17,00  (Inc. VAT)
Dark chocolate ball Milk chocolate ball Ruby Chocolate Ball White chocolate ball

Magic chocolate “Dilectus Chocolatus”

9,00  (Inc. VAT)
70% Dark chocolate 35% Milk chocolate

Large selection of “Riga Black Magic” truffles

79,00  (Inc. VAT)
A selection of 36 truffles: Currant – 2 truffles Dark-classic – 2 truffles Passion fruit – 2 truffles Dark-nut –

Rotundae chocolate magic box

8,80 26,00  (Inc. VAT)
A selection of 12 truffles A selection of 4 truffles (alcoholic truffles) A selection of 4 truffles (non-alcoholic truffles)

Selection of berry truffles

35,00 55,00  (Inc. VAT)
A selection of 25 truffles: Strawberry – 5 truffles Currant – 5 truffles Lemon – 5 truffles Raspberry – 5

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Cafe Riga Black Magic

A unique place in Riga, where the most famous Riga balsam recipe, together with magical souvenirs, chocolate and confectionery, offers visitors a journey into the distant past...

The modern bar "Riga Black Magic" is connected with the ancient story of the origin of "Riga Black Balsam" and its inventor, alchemist and pharmacist Abraham Kunce. It was his miracle healing potion, an infusion of 24 herbs, that became most popular in the city and was considered a medicine that could cure almost or all ailments. It is possible that in the 18th century, not only this balsam was offered in this place, but also confectionery and chocolate products, herbal teas and coffee with balsam additive for health and strength.

Who knows... All the beauty of legends can be hidden in the fact that they were created with inspiration and continue to influence us even after several centuries, and make them very enjoyable to look at and enjoy.