Cafe Riga Black Magic

The only venue in Riga where the greatest recipe, combined with magical souvenirs, chocolate products and interior offers the visitors to make a journey into the Past.

The modern history of the bar “Riga Black Magic” intertwines with the history of “Riga Black Balsam” and its creator, Abraham Kunze, the pharmaceutics of the 18th century. It was his extract of healing herbs that gained special popularity among townsfolk and considered to be the panacea for all diseases. It may be so, that the ancient apothecary, where Abraham Kunze has developed the secret of his elixir, was situated here, in the basement of the modern bar “Riga Black Magic”.

It may be so, that the confectionary filled with “Riga Black Balsam”, chocolate and coffee, glazed plums and nuts could be purchased here long time ago. For all one knows ... the charm of ancient legends comes from the fact that being created under inspiration, they still influence us down the ages provoking the desire to see and taste...